[Q] ColorPicker (delayed opening)

Dear all,

I have a challenge with the color picker (wheel) on small devices:

Depending on the page position, the color picker itselfs hides the target element (e.g. if it is in the middle of the page).

My idea is:

  • scroll the page to a calcualted position (scrollTo)
  • after postion is reached, the picker is opened.


  • is it possible to avoid that the color picker is opened automatically but keeping the “targetEl”)

Solution I found (not very nice)

  • define colorWheel without “targetEl”
  • scroll to target postion (e.g. after user pressed a button)
  • set targetPostion / targetElSetBackgroundColor=true
  • openWheel manually.

not very nice, but works…

Is there an out of the box solution available?

Best regards

Didn’t really get what is the issue. Maybe you show it with screenshots/video?