Qr camera show content

Hello colleagues, please tell me, how to view qrcamera screen?
i insert “window.QRScanner.enableLight();” and lighted
the camera starts, but how to see it?
I know what to make transparent, but I do not understand how to do it in Framework7

// Login Screen Demo
$$(’#my-login-screen’).on(‘click’, function () {
document.addEventListener(“deviceready”, onDeviceReady, false);
function onDeviceReady() {
window.QRScanner.prepare(onDone); // show the prompt

function onDone(err, status){
if (err) {
// here we can handle errors and clean up any loose ends.
if (status.authorized) {
// W00t, you have camera access and the scanner is initialized.
// QRscanner.show() should feel very fast.
} else if (status.denied) {
// The video preview will remain black, and scanning is disabled. We can
// try to ask the user to change their mind, but we’ll have to send them
// to their device settings with QRScanner.openSettings().
} else {
// we didn’t get permission, but we didn’t get permanently denied. (On
// Android, a denial isn’t permanent unless the user checks the “Don’t
// ask again” box.) We can ask again at the next relevant opportunity.

function displayContents(err, text){
// an error occurred, or the scan was canceled (error code 6)
} else {
// The scan completed, display the contents of the QR code: