Question about CSS styles

Just a question about CSS
I’m working with Core version (webpack) and into about.f7.html file i’ve added

.title {
color: #000;

but, this impact on .title of prev/next page for some seconds
Vue has scoped css, how can solve on core version?

try same:

<style scoped>

thanks for reply!
I tried with version 4.5.0 and the styles were not applied
i’m using this, but it’s not very comfortable
[data-name=“home”] .myclass {
position: relative;
height: 280px;
background-position: top;
background-size: cover;

Hello i’ve tried again but in core version seems not work correctly

i’ve tried to do in component home.f7.html

<style scoped>
.block{ background: #000; }

block for 1 second is black, after this return to default color
I think that all scoped styles were overwritten

Looks like there is an issue Will fix it