Question about ListItems and Accordions

I’m trying to implement an accordion with media list-like features.

So that would be a Media List that acts like an accordion when activated.

Now… this works perfectly so far:

<List accordionList mediaList>
        title="Yellow Submarine"
        text="Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nulla sagittis tellus ut turpis condimentum, ut dignissim lacus tincidunt. Cras dolor metus, ultrices condimentum sodales sit amet, pharetra sodales eros. Phasellus vel felis tellus. Mauris rutrum ligula nec dapibus feugiat. In vel dui laoreet, commodo augue id, pulvinar lacus."
    <img alt="" slot="media" src="" width="80" />
                Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aenean elementum id neque nec commodo. Sed vel justo at turpis laoreet pellentesque quis sed lorem. Integer semper arcu nibh, non mollis arcu tempor vel. Sed pharetra tortor vitae est rhoncus, vel congue dui sollicitudin. Donec eu arcu dignissim felis viverra blandit suscipit eget ipsum.

I’m mixing accordionList and mediaList properties and even though it works as intended, I noticed that Accordion is not listed as a List in the documentation, even though it uses a List component.

I guess my question would be: Will this bite me in the ass in the future? Is this not intended practice?

All good, it is the correct usage. And some similar examples in docs as well