Question about whether pushState is true or false

Hello, can you give me some simple examples?

Hello author, looks like I have already solved this problem, but he is normal in the browser, white screen on the mobile phone!

I guarantee it works on the browser but it shows a white screen on the phone

I seem to have solved this problem, but I guarantee it works on the browser, but on the phone it shows a white screen

If it is the cordova app then it must have different pushStateRoot, use forum search, there were few topics about it

Hello, I wrote this way, but I still can’t,And I also tried not to use cordova and still failed

And I found a problem, I don’t know whether it is a bug or not. If you define the routes separately in each view, you will overwrite all the routes, which makes no sense.

The author are you there, help me, help me. I really have a problem, I’m going crazy!

If you define the routes separately in each view, the app current routes is current view that you defined

Hello, I know what you are talking about. The effect I want to achieve is to not redefine the route and achieve the effect of initializing the four views.

you don’t need to redfine the routes, the current routes changes with view. all routes
that you defined in view are saved in app and related with each view.If I didn’t misunderstand the F7 that the App.routes = App. views. current. routes. If you want to effect routes in all of four views, you can define common routes when you init APP.

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Hello! Have you found a solution to your problem?
I have the same
Show me how you handled it.

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