Questions from new user

Hi guys,
i’ve used F7 a couple of years ago, it was much different than now and it didn’t have Vue support.

I would like to try it again with Vue, some questions:

  1. can I use both VueX and Vue-router or am I forced to use the native F7 features ?
  2. actually, with OnsenUI, I’m developing my application with one-file components, in each component file I have the local styles, local JS and the template. Can I use the same pattern with F7 ? The sample I saw are much different, the local JS is very limited and mostly used to bind props.
  1. Vue-router is not supported for main navigation
  2. Yes you can, it is a Vue’s feature, not Onsen UI

yes, I know it’s a vue feature, but I didn’t know if F7 need a particular schema.

Any sample on how to start a fresh app with Capacitor from scratch ? I would like to start as clean as possible

Use CLI Framework7 Command-Line Interface to create a new app

almost done. to build and run the app on android device, should I open Android Studio with npx cap open android and build from there ?

I’m coming from cordova and build & run is done in background by cordova itself, no need for Android Studio.

more likely, you need to follow Capacitor docs to proceed with it I guess

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