Range slider not working in desktop

Please help, I am using few range sliders in my APP working fine all devices as well as emulator view but it’s not working in Desktop view, any help would be really great?

For example volume and range
> Volume

        <List simpleList>
            <ListItemCell className="width-auto flex-shrink-0">
              <Icon ios="f7:speaker_fill" aurora="f7:speaker_fill" md="material:volume_mute"></Icon>
            <ListItemCell className="flex-shrink-3">
            <ListItemCell className="width-auto flex-shrink-0">
              <Icon ios="f7:speaker_3_fill" aurora="f7:speaker_3_fill" md="material:volume_up"></Icon>

Does it work for you in Kitchen Sink at https://framework7.io/kitchen-sink/core/?theme=ios ?

Thanks for your reply but I tried no luck.