Range slider practical issue (buttons)

my app requires several range sliders which can become too “granular”. I do need people to be able to choose from 1 to 40 with step 1 and in small screen it’s tricky to catch the right value.

Am I using the wrong tool?
Shall I add +/- buttons to the side of slider for easier selection?

Any suggestion?


PS: If of any interest app is based on Framework7 ver 1

There is no Stepper component (the one with +/- buttons) in v1, so the range slider or just input type="number" or event just a usual select probably the only ways to go

Anything in next versions?

There is a Stepper (+/-) in v5

Ok, thanks! For new projects I’ll use v5, meantime I sorted the issue by narrowing the range extremes so that selection is easier.