Re-initialize app

Hi, is it possible to re-initialize the React app so that it can read new routes?

I have tried this but it is not working:

const [f7params, setf7params] = useState<Framework7Parameters>({
        name: 'My App',
        theme: 'auto',
        routes: []

    useEffect(() => {

        setTimeout(() => {
                name: 'My App',
                theme: 'auto',
                routes: routes
        }, 100);

    }, []);

    f7ready(() => {
        // Call F7 APIs here

    console.log('render', routes);

    return <App {...f7params} colorTheme={colorTheme}> 

I also looked at setting init param to false for custom initialization via f7.init() but it seems init param is ignored.

here => lucid-waterfall-2b3gpt - CodeSandbox