REACT dialog confirm doesn't work

/* Handle Delete */
const handleDelete = (id) => {
//console.log(‘cofirmed’, id);
text: “Dialog with vertical buttons”,
title: “Sei sicuro di voler eliminare ?”,

it’s showing dialog object object

Look at the api for dialog.confirm Dialog | Framework7 Documentation, it should receive multiple arguments rather than one object

Alert for example works fine, but confirm not. I assign to confirm a text and title, but still nothing…

Should we guess how exactly you “assign to confirm a text and title”? Provide a full relevant example of what you have tried

here is my code

And you still using it wrong. Have you seen this API link Dialog | Framework7 Documentation ?

It must be:

f7.dialog.confirm('Confirm text', 'Confirm title')

yes like this works, but i need also ok and cancel functions inside.

confirm('text', 'time', () => console.log('ok'), () => console.log('cancel'))

what if i want to custom text button ok and cancel?

Then you use full Dialog API to create custom dialog Dialog | Framework7 Documentation

Or modify shortcuts buttons globally in app parameters Dialog | Framework7 Documentation