React - download attribute on listitem element


I need to trigger a download of a javascript-created blob when user clicks on a listitem.
ListItem already has almost everything I need to fire up the download:

<ListItem target="_blank" external title=“Download the pdf file” href={myPDFBlobUrl}></ListItem>

What I would need is to specify also a “download” attribute to be passed to the underlying <a href> element in order to trigger the browse download dialog, without which all I get is a new page with the binary contents of the pdf file.
Please advise if possible. Thanks.

There is no download prop on list item. In this case you can just use HTML instead of ListItem component

Thanks for your suggestion.
Since I am using F7 own router, if I put a link as simple html, it gets intercepted by F7 and generates a 404 error.
How can I create an html link that is not grabbed by F7?

Add external class to such link

Ahh ok I see. :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot.