React search through json

I have a project that I am working on that is going to require a search bar. The data that is going to be searched is in a json format in a js file. I have a component that loops through the json and displays the content in a media list. which looks like this :

            <ListItem  external={true} noChevron={true} link={data.url} title={} subtitle={data.subtitle}  badge="GET" badgeColor="blue">
                <img className="radius" slot="media" src={data.image} width="60px" height="60px" />

Now I have the class name on the List and am searching for it on the search bar that looks like this.
<Searchbar init={true} searchContainer=".search-list" searchIn=".item-title" disableButtonText="Cancel" placeholder="search" clearButton={true}></Searchbar>
What could I be doing wrong here? I am fairly new to f7 so any help is appreciated. Thanks!