React Stepper increments 10 then 1

The stepper increments first input click *10 then +1, don’t know why…

value={item?.qty || 0}
className=“item-qty circle”
stepperMinusClick={() => incrementItem(item.unique_id)}
stepperPlusClick={() => decrementItem(item.unique_id)}

What is in your incrementItem function?

Looks like it treats the values as strings, and therefore concatenates them. So 5 + 1 = 51

You can try to use parseInt(value) in your functions to convert the argument to an integer before you add them.

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Yes right, i added parseInt() to the value and work fine! thanks

const incrementItem = (unique_id) => {
/* data to pass */
const body = {
session_guid: session_guid,
unique_id: unique_id
// call store here‘incrementQty’, { body });

this is my function, but on click nothing still happens. If i do Segmented buttons it’s working.