Redirect to another page

I want to redirect to another page, in F7 version 1, i would do this:
mainView.router.load({url: url);

In version F7 v2, i don’t understand how this works, here is my example.
mainView.router.navigate({url:‘manage-company.html?id=18’, route: ‘/manage-company/’});

How can i redirect to the manage-company.html page?id=18 page

I don’t understand how this routing stuff works, i read through the docs and what i want is really simple. Can anybody help me with this?

Do you have an example how i can make this work?

According to your other post, and the answer I said to you, you do like that


  app.router.navigate("/pages/"+ entidad_name + '/listado/',{
                        context: context
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In your routes:

  path: '/manage-company/',
  url: 'manage-company.html',

And to navigate to his route router.navigate('/manage-company/') or router.navigate('/manage-company/?id=18')

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