Refresh Page problem (ignore caching)

i have react project made with framework7.
when i make any changes i cant see the change (after saving project) unless i clear the cache in the browser.
is there any way to prevent caching by framework7?

If you use PWA and service worker, make sure to disable cache in browser dev tools

I had disabled cache in dev tools, but yet it was still not reloading my changes.

I ended up using CRA


imagine this senario:
I have created a PWA with service worker and finaly I have mounted the prod version in server to serve but the problem is that all my client will cashe every thing on their browsers and if I make a change to my PWA files, my client won’t receive the new files and they will use cashed files, so my question is how can i enforce clinets to receive the new files whenever I changed them(and chashing continues normally when files are same)?? should I add some code to service worker or what?
thank you

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If you created your app with F7 CLI, it uses Workbox plugin that takes care about caching and updating service worker if some of the assets was changed

I have this same problem with my single page pwa already in production. You have to delete the cache for the content to update. In development it works very well using the “Pull to refresh” component. What was the solution?

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