Refresh the index

Hi. I want a function to be executed that returns a result and that value is seen in the index. Since index has already been loaded, the data is not displayed. At the moment I teach it in a dialogue but that is not worth it. The option would be to refresh the index but I am not able. Can you refresh a div? Can you help me?
Thank you

Hola. Yo quiero que se ejecute una función que devuelve un resultado y ese valor se vea en el index. Como ya se ha cargado index el dato no se muestra. De momento lo enseño en un dialog pero eso no me vale. La opción sería refrescar el index pero no soy capaz. Se puede refrescar un div? Me pueden ayudar?


can you share code sample ???

routes: [
path: ‘/’,
url: ‘./index.html’,
keepAlive: true,
name: ‘index’,
options: {
reloadAll: true,
on: {
pageInit: function() {

var view = myApp.views.create(’.view-main’, {
url: ‘/’,
dynamicNavbar: true,
domCache: true,

var app = {
initialize: function() {
console.log(“Dispositivo Preparado”);
document.addEventListener(“deviceready”, app.init, false);

init: function() {
  $.ajaxPrefilter( "json script", function( options ) {
			options.crossDomain = true;

  document.addEventListener("backbutton", app.onBackKeyDown, false);

    if (myApp.device.os=="ios" || myApp.device.os=="iOS") {
    } else {
        document.addEventListener("backbutton", app.onBackKeyDown, false);

myApp.router.navigate(’/’); (here index is charged but I need the value thay is returned of app.cotizacion()

I dont’t know if you understand me. Thanks in advance