Reload Data Upon Navigation

Right now in my app, I have a list of users that is loaded with an AJAX request. Once a user is clicked, I navigate to another page were the user submits a form. After the form is submitted, I navigate back to the home screen with this call:

this.$f7router.navigate(usersPath, { reloadCurrent: true, ignoreCache: true })

But the screen doesn’t reload all the users. What do I need to do to make this happen?

Hard to say without more context of what is called on pageinit but with your paramans you basically say

navigate to this page
reload the current view
don’t load up any cache for the page you may have

So, without an init on pageshow or beforepageshow to rebuild your user index it wont do much.

As noted, without knowing what your code looks like its hard to offer much more, however I would look at what is actually happening with your pageload events, make sure they are firing and returning data for you to inject into the page