reloadAll does not clear history and DOM


Using React.

Main view has stackPages set. I am setting a Listitem as follows and expect that when I navigate via it that the history and DOM will be cleared of all previous pages. It is not. I can navigate back and the previous pages are still in the DOM on inspection. Only the very last page is removed.


working example here: charming-hawking-9j4o8 - CodeSandbox
Just follow the instructions, navigate to all the about pages and then to the test page.

Documentation says that:

reloadAll - boolean - load new page and remove all previous pages from history and DOM

So maybe I am misunderstanding something?

With stackPages I guess it may not work properly. I highly recommend NOT to use stackPages, it is a feature for some legacy support. I can’t imagine why it is really needed especially in React app

I have a form in which the user can navigate 3 pages forward to do lookup updates and when the user navigates back to the form it is reloaded and state is lost.
Any ideas how I can have more than 2 pages in the DOM cache?

Use something like Store/Redux to persist form inputs state when you navigate away from it

thanks my issue has been fixed.