Render <View/> with custom <Navbar/> inside <Popup/>

So I would like to do the following:
One of my pages contains a <Popup/> which looks a bit like this:

  <Navbar className="cart _bg2" inner={false}>
    <div className="inner">
        <Link onClick={this.props.closePopup}>Close</Link>
      <div className="title abs-center">
  <Toolbar bottom className='gradient'>
    <Link href={`/s/${supplier._id}/checkout`} className="button green full _spacing">LIEFERTAG AUSWÄHLEN</Link>
  { this.props.popupShown ? <View id="popup-view" url={`/s/${supplier._id}/cart#nonav`} /> : null }

I also tried something like this:

<View url={`/s/${supplier._id}/cart#inpopup`}>
  <MyNavBar />
  <MyToolbar />
  { this.props.popupShown ? <Page/> : null }

… also not working! :persevere:

So I would like to do the following:
A <Popup/> controlled by a prop (popupShown), which itself has its own <Navbar/> to close the popup again. Inside, there should be a custom <View/> which displays a route, which may also link to different other routes via normal <Link/>s.

I tried any possible variation I could come up with but nothing seems to work.
What is the proper way to do this?

Thanks, cheers, Patrick

Can you give the full your Page + Popup layout?