Request, improvement for calendar

The calendar allows to change month or year only step by step. If the user wants to reach a distant year, it means a lot of clicks to be performed. Is it possible to improve this ?
The year should be a clickable area, and when clicked it displays a menu allow to switch 10 year. The same for the month, when clicked, it displays the whole list of months for a quick click.
There are many jquery plugins that work this way, for a faster and easier date select. Here are examples.

or the default Mozilla Firefox for date type input

Thank you.

F7 has its own calendar

Lol … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I know : I’m using it ! I’m suggesting an improvement for this calendar.

I asked Vladimir to do something similar this, maybe we will see it soon, maybe not ))

I’ve just seen this plugin.It is nicely done, and fits my suggestion.