Request URL & Response URL changes on page refresh which the server responds with an invalid session


I am using deployd on node.js to create an app using the f7 framework.
Everything works well and fine until a page reload, when there is a page reload in the client the server responds without a session which is wierd.

I noticed after so long that the requestUrl & responseUrl is changed after page reload, and the proxy isn’t re-used which is the reason I believe server isn’t recognizing the client session. Please guide me with a fix on this, i tried beforeSend to edit the xhr but doesnt seem to help.

find the headers screenshots for ur reference:

Response After reload screenshot (I tried uploading in the question, it fails for some reason so i am posting as a reply)

URL can’t be changed without a reason, look for issues on your side (in your code)

i have checked the, its the same code that is working fine and when reloaded its not.