Required software/frameworks for a complete f7 app?

Hi All,
I am designer new to coding.
i have basic knowledge about angular/html/css. i am ready to learn required new techs.

Please suggest me required software/tools details to successfully complete an app in framework7.

it seems like a very basic question to all but i was in confusion where to start after learning framework7… how to develop a complete app?

Thanks All for the support.

As for the required softwate, you dont need any, you can code in notepad / vi-vim. But i use VS Code.

You can start learing from Framework-7 Official documentation

Also i watch some videos of this guy, he explay really simple how to work with f7, vue, phonegap

I use cordova/phonegap to build my apk’s, ipa’s


if u know about angular , then go ionic .

but if u know vue / react (not native), u can choose F7 . :blush:

I know angular but like a designer :slight_smile: who not much interested to sit like pro developer! Inoic i felt some big coding area… :slight_smile:

with your reference, Framework7 & vue.js enough to complete an app?

For my understanding please provide framework 7 based app requirements:

  1. Framework 7 for UI
  2. ?
  3. ?

    Build APP!!

Sure, thank you for the valuable suggestion. i will check it!!