Resize event on focus input


I have a problem, when user click into input, resize event will fire, how can i prevent it? So just when change actually the window size?

example code:

$f7.on('resize', function () {

You refer to a window being resized, are you working with an Electron project?

No i use just framework7 with pure js for create a web app android/apple.
The specific problem is that I have a plugin for digital signature, when you change the resolution (resize window) the plugin recalculates the canvas in order to always have the precision in the signature. Precisely for this reason the script deletes my signature when there is focus on the input, i need to prevent it.

PS: The problem also extends when I get out of the input focus

Out of interest, does Safari/Chrome initiate a resize event anytime a form gains focus, regardless of what website?
Because the keyboard is pushing up from the bottom of the screen and the focused element is being repositioned to being maintained in view, is there an event firing within the browser that is causing redrawing on the canvas to assist in this resizing?
What I’m getting at is to double-check whether it is a Framework7 event or a framework-agnostic HTML event.

I solved it by saving the signature data (so the signature already present if there was one) and putting it back later.

resizeCanvasFirma: (canvas, signaturePad = null) => {
        let sign = (signaturePad === null || signaturePad.isEmpty()) ? null : signaturePad.toData();
        var ratio = Math.max(device.pixelRatio || 1, 1);
        canvas.width = canvas.offsetWidth * ratio;
        canvas.height = canvas.offsetHeight * ratio;
        canvas.getContext("2d").scale(ratio, ratio);
        if (sign !== null) {