REST API Framework recommendations?

I’m looking for a solid API base framework. We used to do REST APIs with PHP/Laravel, but node.js seems to be a better choice today. Any recommendations of existing frameworks out there?

It’s not node.js, but I use Django and Django Rest Framework for my API backend. Works well with my React F7 app.

Thx… Django seems to be the gold standard… but unfortunately I don’t have any experience with Python yet… maybe time to get into it :wink:

I don’t think there is a big difference here. I think you need to use what you already know well. PHP/Laravel is still a thing by the way :slight_smile:

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Yes - PHP/Laravel is what we use right now in the team and it’s pretty solid… maybe a bit “heavy” but solid :wink: I’m more the frontend-guy and for a new (private) standalone project I was thinking to check out something based on node.js as I’m more familiar with JS… and I’m also curious about the api/backend possibilities of node.js. There are several frameworks out there but I’m looking for something slim, easy, fast and focused on api dev.

I use Django and Django’s REST API with F7 without any major issue. I would like to implement newest version of F7 with webpack to Django. Any tips, tutorials how to implement F7 with webpack to Django? @RaddishIoW?

Thank you in advance!

Build your own rest with php
Crear #API Rest desde cero con #PHP puro.:

Or use node.js
Crear API REST con Arquitectura MVC Usando Node.js:

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If security is to be taken seriously, don’t build the REST API backbones yourself. Use Django Rest Framework. Django is focused on security, and python is REALLY fast.

And Django ORM will make your life much easier.


Some examples fot rest api

Crear API REST con Arquitectura MVC Usando Node.js:

Crear #API Rest desde cero con #PHP puro.:

i use django and django rest framework, its great.

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maybe it’s time to get a bit deeper into python :wink: Is there a recommended Django boilerplate / sample / docker to play around?

If you’re interested on the API side of it, i’d advise you to just follow the tutorial on their page : . It’s nicely done and you’ll get a grip of it quite easily.

Python is very forgiving. And an immensely powerful language!

For pure Django , i couldn’t find any boilerplate that don’t use deprecated versions of Django. But creating a minimal project is pretty straightforward.

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use lumen, its lightweight and very fast like nodejs.

I use Quarkus when in Java.
Otherwise I love Ruby on Rails. << Very fast development. Good runtime performance.