Routable panel application crash, if previous panel not fully unloaded

I use routable panels with REACT and on some occasions when the user closes a panel and quickly clicks a link which opens another panel, the application crashes:
Framework7: Can’t create panel; app already has a left panel!

how can I avoid this crash? I am navigating to a route which opens a panel and I don"t even know that the last panel has not been fully removed from DOM yet.

I think this should be handled gracefully, not by crashing the application.

Would be good to see how to replicate it

well, that’s the hard part - it only happens when I close a panel and quickly press the same button again which opened the panel (or another which opens a panel) - depending on hardware within a second or so.

But why even bring the error? It makes no sense - Why not just spawn another panel or replace the supposedly existing one? Obviously the application requires a panel to be shown and the framework should not try to outsmart this decision.

I have same issue, when i open different panel in diffrent pages it gives this error, and then the app crashes.

Althogh the first panel works in the index page.

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'panel' of undefined
    at t.onClosed (0:19168)
    at HTMLDivElement.<anonymous> (0:19326)
    at HTMLDivElement.n (0:1230)
    at HTMLDivElement.l (0:1087)