Routable popup with async issue

Routable poup for F7 React gives two errors for the following routing code:

    path: "/info/",
    popup: {
      async: async (x) => {
          component: InfoPage,

Error 1:
Typing is incorrect. This is what is observed

And this is what the typing for that is:

async?(routeTo: Route, routeFrom: Route, resolve: Function, reject: Function): void;

Error 2: When one navigates to the popup it works only the first time. A second navigation to it results in this error:

Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘swipeStart’)

Error can be seen here: awesome-sinoussi-dits3e - CodeSandbox

I haven’t checked async for other routables but I suspect it might also have an issue.

Yes, seems like a router issue. Will be fixed in next update

Thank you. Tested it and it is fixed.