Routable Tabs is re-initiating on back

Hi All,

1- I have scenario where I have routable Tabs as home page.

2- On Tab init I am calling ajax method to pull page data.

3- When I go to another page (Second Level) and go back to home page (First Level) the tab is calling the init method again though the page is still in dom, it is re initing therefore loading the page again and triggering the ajax request again causing bad app performance.

4- If I do same scenario but in instead of back, I swipe back the tab does not re init which is the correct scenario.

Question is how do I prevent tabs to re-init on back ! and keep it same as Swipe back??

Thanks for you help!

Was an issue, already pushed fix for this. At the moment, you can set View’s unloadTabContent: false to avoid it


Woow that worked! Thank you very much Vladimir You always provide the solution you rock man!

Hope this will fixed automatically in the latest release!

Also please give us the option in SWIPER API to change thumbnail align from center, give us option to left align thumbnails! waiting for this feature also! Thanks!

Now I faced another issue :man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

After using your workaround now when I navigate to another page and go back tab:show event does not trigger there is a tab which should be refreshed when viewed.

Please suggest. Thanks

This event only triggered on tab show/switch. If you go from previous page to page with activated tab, it won’t be triggered