Routable tabs with componentUrl does not render the component page content

I will like to use routable tabs with componentUrl pages but it does render the content inside the tab as it should… for instance I need a virtual list, let us say the component page virtual-list.html inside my tab1, it seems to load the block texts inside the page but it does not render the virtual list generated in that page inside the tab…

is that possible? or only text content can be displayed inside routable tabs?

this is what my router has for the tab1

tabs: [
path: ‘/’,
id: ‘tab1’,
componentUrl: ‘./pages/virtual-list.html’,

I think I found the the thing here… !

putting the code that is inside page init inside mounted works!

  mounted() {
      //console.log('componentMounted', this);

the only problem now it is why tabs or routable tabs are not working when they are inside index.html, in this case I want to have routable tabs inside left or right panel …

any tip?