Routable tabs with parameters

How can I do routable tab if the parent route has a parameter?
And also, the tab routes is nested into another route.

For example

 {routes: [{
      name: "view-group",
      path: "/view-group/:groupID",
      tabs: [
          id: "students-list",
          path: "/",
          content: `
            <div class="block">
              <h3>About Me</h3>
          id: "student-grades",
          path: "/grades/",
          content: "<h1>GRADES</h1>"

Didn’t get what you are trying to achieve? Can your provide more details?

If I navigate to a route with a parameter (e.g User ID), how can I nest a tab routes on the routes config.

In the config example provided, I have a view-group/:groupID route, with nested tabs route. But if i try to access the students list tab route on the page (href="./"), I’m navigated back to the home page. How can I fix this? Or what am I doing wrong? Thanks!

I am also facing this situation. Any progress?