Route on views and master-detail


I am using Framework7-Vue (v4.1) and my app contains out of 3 parts “Documents”, “Favourites” and “Help”. They are accessible by Tabbar. The first two screens are master-detail screens, Help is not (just a Page with content).

My questions are:

  • Because I want to use the master-detail feature of views, I figured I need 3 views (in another app with three tabs I used pages, and routes just work). Is this true?
  • how do I connect a (global) route to a view. If I use f7-link with the a view-parameter a route and let the tabbar switch the view (with tab-link) the URL is not updated in the browser.

I am trying to do something like: /docs (browser URL) goes to view “Documents”, show a master. /docs/doc1 shows a master-detail. /favourites shows a master, /favourites/doc2 shows a master-detail. /help shows another view with a help-page.

Any idea?

Thank you!

If you use Views as Tabs they will not be routable, e.g. switching Tabs won’t change browser url. You can just use same single View layout, just call router’s navigate with reloadAll: true parameter when coming to/from master-detail sequence

Thank you for your reply!
This works :slight_smile: