$route.params value doesn't work in #js_if tamplate7

i’m trying to pass data from page to another by using $route.params.var1 but it doesn’t work in a #js_if template7 instruction.

my code is :

<ul style="padding-left:25px">
	    {{#each $root.work}}
		{{#js_if "this.Category == $route.params.var1"}}
	  <li><b>Category</b>: {{Category}}</li>
        <li><b>Description</b>: {{Description}}</li>

It should be {{#js_if "this.Category == ../$route.params.var1"}}, but i see it doesn’t work due to Template7 bug because of $ in property name. It is already fixed in latest Template7, if you Framework7 esm build and npm then just update template7 to latest 1.3.8 version

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unfortunately it doesn’t work :disappointed: in fact i use Framework7 v3.0.7, inside of #each my params display with “…/…/$route.params.var1” but it inside #js_if still not working.