Route path not reflected in url

I have create simple website using framework7core.(In future i would like to make app also.So i have choose cordova app when create framework7 ).Every thing work fine.But current route is not reflected in url.

When aboute page is render url should be like

My current url



import HomePage from ‘…/pages/home.f7’;

import AboutPage from ‘…/pages/about.f7’;

import FormPage from ‘…/pages/form.f7’;

import DynamicRoutePage from ‘…/pages/dynamic-route.f7’;

import RequestAndLoad from ‘…/pages/request-and-load.f7’;

import NotFoundPage from ‘…/pages/404.f7’;

import Profile from ‘…/pages/profile.f7’;

var routes = [


path: '/',

component: HomePage,



path: '/about/',

component: AboutPage,


You need to enable browserHistory on main View

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Thank you.Issue solved.