Router after logged load multiples view

How can navigate on the router after login with this content?

When the user after logged I have to pull the data from the multiple views with the navigation down there, I could only do this refreshing the page, but I did not want it to be like that, I wanted to directly by the route.

(obs: I got through the router component, putting tag:


My router is : )

  path: '/logged/',
  componentUrl: '/login/logged/',
  on: {
    pageAfterIn: function test (e, page) {
  beforeEnter: function (routeTo, routeFrom, resolve, reject) {;

but when I open new routes i can not go back. What’s the right way to do this?

My content :

<template><div class="views tabs">
	<div id="home" class="view view-main tab tab-active">
	<div id="profile" class="view tab">		
	<div id="schedule" class="view tab">
	<div id="appointment" class="view tab">
	<div class="toolbar tabbar tabbar-labels menu-logged">
		<div class="center-menu"></div>
		<div class="toolbar-inner">
			<a href="#home" class="tab-link tab-link-active">
				<i class="os-icon os-icon-zap"></i>

			<a href="#profile" class="tab-link">
				<i class="os-icon os-icon-user"></i>
			<div class="open-schedule center">
				<i class="icon dripicons-calendar"></i>
			<a href="#appointment" class="tab-link">
				<i class="os-icon os-icon-calendar-time"></i>
			<a href="#view-pages" class="tab-link actions-open"data-actions="#menu">
				<i class="os-icon os-icon-grid-squares f7-icons"><span class="badge color-red">5</span></i>

my function logged:

function loggedUser(){
  var mainView = app.views.create('.view-main');
  var schedule = app.views.create('#schedule');
  var profile = app.views.create('#profile');
  var appointment = app.views.create('div#appointment');