Router API / reloadCurrent with animation

If i am, for example currently on the route page “/dashboard”

I update some datas used on this page and, after user click on a button, i want to re-update this page with the updated data. But i need a visual transition animation, like the f7-flip

I tried the router API navigate like that

router.navigate(’/dashboard’, { reloadCurrent: true, ignoreCache: true, animate:true, transition: ‘f7-flip’});

BUT, i think that in this case, you don’t trigger the animation (as it is the same page).

I tried with reloadCurrent:false, but data are not updated.

Is there a way to force the reloadCurrent + animate ?

allowDuplicateUrls => true (View)
router.navigate(’/dashboard’, {animate:true, transition: ‘f7-flip’});

Thanks for this proposition. It don’t seem to work.

I am going to take time to send here a simple reproduction code, because the /dashboard is a page with 4 tabs. I think that this point impact what I try to do.

I will update here.


Try this:

  • In your View parameters set allowDuplicateUrls: true
  • Navigate like this router.navigate(’/dashboard’, { animate:true, transition: 'f7-flip', clearPreviousHistory: true});

good day, please kindly point out where to modifythe views, is it in the routes.js or the app.js bcos i can find it. Thanks