Router back get query

when load a page
a page url is ‘#/a’

a page

methods: {
    gotob(id) {
        url: `/b/${id}`

b page (back a page)

methods: {
    gotoa(id, id2) {
      this.$f7.views.main.router.back(`/a/${id}?id2=${id2}`, { force: true });

I want to get the query of b page 。

but now donot working。


Why not navegate from B to A as a normal route. Without back,

this.$f7.views.main.router.navigate(/a/${id}?id2=${id2}, { force: true });

i want use page animate

want use page route animate

maybe you can set this values in root data, update from a, go to b. use router.back() and on page init event in a restore the values from root data.

you can also use form-storage

and also. on page init restore the values you need.