Router.back history help!

Hey all,

I’m having an unexpected issue with page ordering. I have an overview page (Trips) and detail page (TripView).

I can go into the first detail page correctly and go back correctly. I’m simply using this:
<f7-navbar transparent backLink="Back">
After you go into another TripView page, the Trips page is removed from the history stack so I can’t go back to it, and only have the first TripView page behind it. Pics included to show the flow.

  1. Overview page

  2. View page #1

  3. Back to overview page

  4. View page #2

  5. Press back and Trips disappears from history putting the view on View page #1


Using this:
:back-link-force="true" corrects the behaviour, however the previous page is still visible underneath during the page transition.

Do you use keepAlive on your routes? Actually would be good to see some live example or minimal reproduction fiddle/example