router.currentRoute.url inconsistent after router.back

I’m on F7 4.4.7. There is an inconsistency when using router.currentRoute.url after using router.back.

My mobile app starting page has the following route:

    name: 'startup-index',
    path: '/startup/index/',
    url: '/app/Startup/index',
    options: {
        ignoreCache: true

Here, router.currentRoute.url will report ‘/startup/index/’.

If I navigate to another page and then call:

mainView.router.back("/app/Startup/index", { ignoreCache: true, force: true });

Then, router.currentRoute.url will report ‘/app/Startup/index/’.

This breaks the refreshPage or:

router.navigate(router.currentRoute.url, {
  reloadCurrent: true,
  ignoreCache: true,


Also, router.currentRoute.url and router.currentRoute.path are rerporting the same.

Looks like you mess what url in route parameters and url in route mean. These are different things.


It will have to look with path that match to that url. You don’t have such route. I guess you should call here mainView.router.back("/startup/index/")

OK. It works now if I use the “path”. So, “url” for the router means “path”? In the documentation, it says:

router.back(url, options)

instead of

router.back(path, options)

No, path is used to find route that matches to requested page URL. In your case they are same but could be other case,

path: '/page/:id/'

Will math to URLs like /page/1/, /page/3/?foo=bar, etc.