Router events not firing with navigate

In the following, I want a listen for an event to reopen a sheet, but the router events don’t seem to be firing. Should this work, or is there another solution?

	f7.view.current.router.navigate(`${pageid}/`, {
		openIn: "popup",
		on: {
			popupClose: function () {
				// Open the sheet when the popup is closed".demo-sheet-breakpoints");

Bumping up as I’m hoping someone has found a solution or work-around for this.

@nolimits4web - sorry, mate. This might be one I need your eyes on when you have time.

You should probably try to listen for pageInit or popupOpen event instead, look in these event listeners for the popup element, and add listener for its ‘popupClose’ event

Hi @nolimits4web,

It seems to be an issue with the openIn event handler. I’ve reproduced it here for your investigation:


Hi, bumping up a reproduced version here for when you have time to diagnose: