Router Problem with .navigate

Hi there!

I’m have a start page with two buttons navigating to two separate pages (page 1 and page 2). From these two pages I navigate to the same page with following script on it. When navigating over page 1 it works great, but on navigation over page 2 it doesn’t work. There the new page “mypage” from the code doesn’t show, but the “page:init”-event fires correctly same as via page 1, but here the page “mypage” is shown.

Start-page -> page 1 -> “page with script” -> page “mypage” from script (WORKS)
Start-page -> page 2 -> “page with script” -> page “mypage” from script (WORKS NOT)

When navigating over page 2 “app.views.main.router.back()” doesn’t work on the “page with script”, when navigation over page 1 it does.

   name: 'mypage',
   params: {
      recipeId: page_variable,

What is a reason for the page “mypage” not beeing shown but the “page:init”-even firing correctly?

Thanks in advance!