Router save options doubt

Good morning everyone,
I would like to understand this step better as I can’t figure out if I’m wrong, this is my router configuration:

var routes = [{
    path: '/routerPath/',
    name: '/routerName/',
    options: {
        history: true,
        browserHistory: true
    routes: [{
      path: 'add/',
      name: '/nameOfSubPath/',
      options: {
        history: false,
        browserHistory: false
      component: componentOfSubPath
    path: '/anotherRouterPath/',
    name: '/anotherRouterName/',
    options: {
        history: true,
        browserHistory: true

As you can see from the above code there are 3 routers the first leads to the second and at the end of the process leads to the third router, but I would like that from the third router going back to the first router the main one instead of returning to the subRouter.
At the moment to fix the problem I forced the page like this:

<a href="#" class="link back" data-name="/routerPath/" data-force="true" data-ignore-cache="true">
  <i class="icon icon-back"></i>
  <span class="if-not-md">Back</span>

However, I don’t understand why using the history: false and browserHistory: false options the page is saved and loaded in place of the previous one.
Just to schematize:

firstPath → subPathFirst → secondPath
firstPath ← secondPath

Router back is broken, seems like doesn’t follow the history, i debug history using routeChanged event and router back return to page that doesn’t exist in history

Posted issue on github link