Routes does not work with Sheet

Popover renders the Child component . By clicking on the button in the Child component, I want to open the current component - PageCustomTabColor. If you look in console.log(f7.views.current);, then the current component is displayed correctly. If you replace Popover with Sheet, then console.log(f7.views.current) will output an error. Routing does not work with the Sheet component. Why?Code example - Example

So the routing does not work:

<Sheet className="demo" push>
    <View style={{ height: "220px" }} routes={routes}>
      <Child />

View Router can operate only with components that return <Page> as parent element, so you need to use route components as Pages misty-cloud-rgwte - CodeSandbox

If replace Popover on Sheet, it will not work - Example with error

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Everything works. Thank you :wink: