Routing for all components using framework7 routing

I’m using Meteor+React.

I can able to do routing for pages and it even works fine in android when I press back button as well as when I do window.history.back() it is working fine.

I tried same for popup, action sheets and some other, routing is not working properly and closing form android back button also not working.

Is there any solution for this or I missed out anything.

Please help me with this.

Thank you

window.history.back() => app.views.current.router.back();

Будьте осторожны с навигацией, когда там есть popup: и это не является багом, т.к. исправлено не будет, просто особенность работы.

Hey I found the solution…

We should need to create route like this

        path: "/popup/",
        popup: {
          component: PopupComponent,