Routing question

Hi to all
I’m developing a simple app. I need to create some “permalinks” so that by clicking on an item, page content is changed (like the normal F7 workflow) But I also need to access directly to that page, from the main view.

In example let’s assume a “wizard” with 4 pages.
From the first page, I click on “Next” loading page2, page3, page4, pageN

In some cases, from the first page I have to go directly to pageN
How can I do this?

you can route to it as any other page

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in file router.js

    path: '/pageN/',
    url: './name_file.html', // path file
    options: {
      animate: false, // options
    name: 'name_page',
    on: {
      pageInit: function (event, page){
          // event init 
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thank you, i did like you say