Run Template on Server from IDE after closing app?


I have tried many times to work with Framework7. I have never been successful in getting it set up so that I could run an app from the local server whenever I want to revisit the app. I’ve read and re-read the documentation. I’ve searched the forum many times. I simply can not find any information that is written for people who have little background.

I’d like to learn F7, so I am going to throw in the towel and ask for some beyond very basic beginner help.

  1. I download and install Framework 7 using the IDE. Everything runs just fine in the template setup the first time.

  2. I close the App (not the server)
    I don’t know how to get the app to run again on the local server.

I’ve tried:
npm start

I’ve tried changing to the src file folder, and the www folder before running npm start. I’ve tried loading the file from the F7 created server and my local server 8080. I just get a blank page.

Nothing in the docs, forum, etc speaks to how to run an app after it has been closed. I really wish that there were some very basic documents for people who need to learn to crawl before they walk.

I just want to know how to open an F7 app on the local server after I have closed the app.

I appreciate any help that you might offer me to get me started.


What is IDE, do you mean CLI?

What do you mean by “template” here

What App do you mean, app created by CLI? What do you mean close? Close the browser or stopped the terminal process?

Seems like you miss something basic. Would be great if you can provide screenshots or video of your process and what do you mean?

What is IDE, do you mean CLI?

Yes, sorry. I meant CLI

What do you mean by “template” here

The template that I choose through the CLI

How do I run the created App after I close it? I want to open it again in the server/browser.

Thank you for trying to help get me started.