Safari overscroll issue page-content

Hi guys,

Does anyone know how to prevent the page-content div from overscrolling and bouncing? You can pull it all the way down and it creates an ugly effect. It only happens on iOS.

I don’t want to be able to pull the view, it has to stay fixed like in android

I searched the web but haven’t found a good solution yet:

I already use this in cordova:


The only you can do in codova is to disable view bouncing with DisallowOverscroll parameter

Yes, already did that but the experience is still bad :frowning:

I have script that hides the FAB on downscroll and shows it on up, but because of the bounce it hides when it’s suppose to show.

That is not the reason to disable scroll bounce. I would suggest to just check is your page content scrollable enough to apply this logic

You mean if the page has enough content in it? If the content is to short then you would suggest to just always show the FAB?

Yes, just check how much is it scrollable before