Same page with different parameters dont stackup in history with dynamic content

Hi there,
is there any special init params or such for same page with different params for proper back button history with dynamic content.
I have a page named ‘categories-details’ and content loaded dynamicle with links to ‘categories-details’ page with diffrent params, but back button click does not go to previously loaded ‘categories-details’.

Any thing i need to be carefull with in terms of initing and such…


Would be great if you can create a minimal reproduction live example using one of the templates mentioned here How to ask a good question on forum

I use the same page, only change page params on links.

<div class="page " data-name='categories-details'>
<a href="/categories-details/99.99.80/">..</a>

and route;
path: ‘/categories-details/:gcode/’,
url: ‘./categories-details.html’,

and app init

var kwebapp = new Framework7({
root: ‘#app’,
theme: ‘ios’, /‘md’,‘ios’,/
routes: routes,
view: {
pushState: false,
pushStateOnLoad: false,
stackPages: true,

On page init event, i get data with ajax and build the page with html insert.

Categories-details are called multiple times with changing gcode param, but when I click back button, I dont get the previous page correctly, only empty categories-details page.