Samsung Galaxy S3 - Framework7+Vue v1

Hi guys,

I’ve been working with Framework7 + VueJS + Webpack (with babel) for some time and it works on every single device with smooth and beautiful behaviour and UX.

However, on Samsung Galaxy S3, it has some buggy behaviours. Does anyone have tried it or at least had some issues with this?

1- Popups are opened correctly but not closing
2- Login screen is set to not open on app start but on S3 it opens automatically
3- Plugin Welcomescreen crashes saying that the plugin variable is undefined
4- Swipeout buttons (delete at right for example) is always opened by default
5- Many other things that at the moment I can’t figure out it they are independent bugs or consequence of each other :stuck_out_tongue:

Can anyone help me with this? Or at least tell me that someone had experienced it before :stuck_out_tongue:

Best regards,
César Teixeira

Man, it is a 6 years old device :smiley: Well, if you really need to support such outdated devices and it is the Cordova app then i can only recommend you to install Crosswalk Webview

Lool yap it’s true xD but it’s a company app which is quite big :wink: I’ll give a try on crosswalk once again :slight_smile: thanks a lot! :wink:

crosswalk isnt help 100%, and the otherside , ur apps can reach 20-30Mb

like vladimir say , that device so old :smiley: