Sapora Tasks : ToDo List, Planner, Task, Reminder

Another app which can increase your productivity. It also proves that if hybrid app is created with enough care, user will no longer able to differentiate between native and hybrid app. We literally had lots of awful native apps(especially on play store) which are useless. Hope this app will encourage others to get into hybrid app development provided that devices are becoming a lot more faster that five or six year back. So statement of facebook’s CEO way back in 2012 about hybrid app development is not true in present times.
Thanks to @nolimits4web for creating such a great project. It would be great if we can also contribute towards this project making it a community-driven project.


Great job. Just a detail in language select Is Español not Española. Without the final “a”.

Okay , i used google translate for doing translation.I guess it may be its source. Thanks for correcting it, i will change it in next version.