Scale issue with F7 + Cordova, need help

I am making a hybrid app with framework7, svelte and Cordova.

Unfortunately, i am conflicting with an issue when the app needs to be switched to other apps for some actions like sharing, login, …

At first, these are screenshots :

To check this issue,

  1. I made a new project with Framework CLI.
  2. Added cordova-plugin-x-socialsharing. (NPM package here)
  3. Made a button and used this code on click event :
if (f7.device.cordova) {
  var options = {
    message: `Some text`,
  1. Build the app for ios and test the issue.

And to determine which of the two(F7, Cordova) is the problem,

  1. I made an empty cordova project,
  2. Added the same plugin and build the app for ios.

As you can see in screenshots above,
I think this problem is caused in Framework7 environment.

This issue caused not only the plugin above, but also other plugins or actions which is needed to switch to other apps.
(In my case, i use cordova-plugin-googleplus plugin which use inAppBrowser to sign in with google.)

I tried to find solution for days,
But i have no idea what affects to this problem.

Recently, apple denied my app on appstore because the app looks unproperly in some cases (sharing, sign in, …).

Please help with this problem :sob:

After searching for many keywords…
I got the answer from here :

It seems cordova-plugin-keyboard causes the problem.

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