Scroll and swipe causes freezing [intervention] touchend event with cancelable=false


If I scroll a long page and swipe at the same time, the Android app built with Cordova and framework 7 freezes.
It seems to be from Framework 7 as I get this error:

[Intervention] Ignored attempt to cancel a touchend event with cancelable=false, for example because scrolling is in progress and cannot be interrupted.
(anonymous) @ framework7.min.js:12

I am on Android 8.0.0

Any idea how to solve this issue please?

Thank you.

do not worry about it
it simply says:
“the (internally) e.preventDefalut() are getting ignored (by chrome) to avoid bad performance”
it is actually a “good message”

if it keeps disturbing you (it is also to me,but vladimir cannot do nothing about it)
then you can hide this message by filtering the log-level on your chrome-dev-tools

if your app is freeze => you need to check for other issues
usually memory-leak etc.

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Do you know a good way to test memory leaks for cordova apps(hybrid apps) please? Thanks

since there is NO known bug in F7
i can only assume that your problem is about memory

but it could be anything

chrome (actually, any browser) provide you a several tools to control things

When I activated the swipe = true of my application panel, the same annoying message appeared on the console.

This code solved that problem for me:

1 - Find the following file:


2 - Find the following piece of code in the file mentioned above, shown in the image below:

3 - Change line 146 as shown in the image above to the following code:

if (e.cancelable) e.preventDefault();